Kitten Heels

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Can't think of a title sorry 

I'm so proud! I have links, my imood and even a blogcounter thingy now! Soon I'll have all sorts, though I'm not entirely sure what else I can have which may be slightly limiting...

I have a funny feeling that not one person has read my little blog yet. I suppose I'll find out with my little counter whatsit won't I. I do wonder how people find new blogs, all the blogs I tend to read have been around for years and a friend of mine introduced the whole idea of blogs to me. So how will anyone find me in my dark little corner of the blogging world? Should I offer you all free hot chocolate and comfy pink cushions to sit on while I give you long foot massages? Or perhaps I should go down the other route? Come hither readers and I'll chain you to the bed, stroke a feather from your the soles of your feet all the way up your leg until leg becomes crotch then exchange it for my tongue.

Anyone reading yet?

No? Arse. Guess I'll go make a cappuccino then.
Posted by Kitten Heels @ 4:03 pm