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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

moans and apologies 

I got a new computer a little while ago, unfortunately it is playing up already...not happy. I haven't downloaded anything funky and everything that should protect it from unwanted funkiness is up and running so sod knows what is up with it. The thing is, I would take it to one of those consultant things to get it fixed, but there are certain pictures on here that I don't particularly want said consultants to seeeeee.....bugger. It would of course be these kinds of files that will not open so I cant get rid.


Oh...and can I apologise for the unbelievably rubbish spelling, grammer and simple stringing together of sentences in the past couple of's summer-holiday syndrome I'm sure: No typing for college means I forget how!!!

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Cleaning house 

So I've been doing a lot of cleaning recently. Mostly the kind of cleaning that involves sweeping things off shelves into bin bags because it's really just a shelf full of accumalated crap, I'm moving soon and its better to get it all out of the way...dontchya think?

I used to be quite a keen horse rider, I have a couple of rosettes and a mini trophy to my name (nothing bit, but fun), but more than that I have all the paraphenalia that a rider needs: hat, crop, boots, those nasty beige trousers and a really weird jacket. All of this has been in a box in the cupboard under the stairs for so long that it almost appeared part of the building.

Not three days ago, as I was on my knees purposfully pulling out junk and The Bloke lounged carelessly on the sofa watching telly I came across this ancient box and plonked it at his feet.

Out came my fetching yellow and blue silk cap which once covered my riding hat and (of course) out came my riding crop (which I've actually never used!)

"Hmmm..." He mused, tossing the cap onto my head "Now you can look like a real knob jockey...but I think that I'll look after the crop!"

This could be an interesting week......
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Back (for good??) 

I've been gone a long while, I know, I do not plan on explaining why, but I am sorry about it.

I may be returning properly soon, fingers crossed on my part.

The Bloke and I are still together, I've sill not worn a pair of flats by choice, I'm still set to leave London at the end of this month and I'm still shitting it.

Oh, but I am 19 now!

Sorry I vanished from the land of blogging for a while, feel free to let me know how upset you are ;-)
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I haven’t been sleeping well the past couple of nights.

No - you dirty minded people - it isn’t because I’ve been busy having rampant sex. Neither is it that I’ve been having lots of ‘me’ time.

I have a problem.

I have a crush.

I’m not supposed to have crushes! I’m with The Bloke Indoors and he’s brilliant. We're brilliant. Nothing has changed between us, I still love him to bits and I still want to tear his clothes off the moment we’re alone (OK so that isn’t limited to being on our own), I’m still giddy and grinning whenever we speak.

But I still have this crush. He is called David and he moved to my class a couple of months ago after clashes between his class and his training sessions (the boy is an athlete!). We became close pretty much straight away; laughing, joking and generally taking the piss while learning a lot about each other and doing that ‘it’s fun to flirt when there is no real reason to’ flirting.

Side note: I’ve been told that we’re both natural flirts and that we seem to flirt extra with one another. I've not noticed....

The past couple of weeks I’ve started to notice small things about him: The way he lets me go through doors first. The way we both help each other out with work without even considering going to someone else. The way he picks up anything I drop. The way he smiles as soon as he sees me (the way I smile as soon as I see him). His strong arms. His brilliant eyes. His height (It’s all about height for me). The way he was genuinely concerned when I was a little moody the other day. The jokes that pass between us that are never shared with anyone else.

The list could go on forever.

I think I found him attractive from the moment I set eyes on him. I’ve just realised I fancy him.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to have a crush (I’ve never had a crush while in a relationship before but that’s partly due to the fact that this is my first real long term and serious relationship).

I’m not sure I want a crush.

I don’t know what to do.
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Music in my ears 

There is something about Amy Winehouse's voice that just makes me want to dance!

Take today. Almost empty train and I'm standing by the central pole in front of the door when she pops up on my iPod, I couldn't stop myself swinging my hips to the music as I held onto the pole to ride out the bumps. About halfway through I realise what I'm doing and promptly stop (I can't be dancing like that in public before the sun goes down! There is probably a decency law against it!). Thank God that there was only one other person on the carraige! Though he was giving me a slightly strange look as I stepped off!


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good morning *yawn* 

Such a tired Kit I am today.

Last night was spent drinking after receiving the January exam results...We all did well!! (feel free to congratulate won't you?)

I did get drunk - stuff not drinking with results like that! It was time to party!

We rounded off the night in my favourite place, my favourite place out with other people I mean. It is dark, it has lots of good music, it's in a very fashionable place if you're my age and it has the best, and I mean the best comfy seating I have ever experienced in a public place.

I think I drank too many purple aftershocks (mix blue and red = divine)

I don't really remember leaving that place. I should remember. It has a large staircase on the way out and I was wearing reasonably high heels. I should remember because I would have expected to fall flat on my face if I even attempted them.

I do remember groping my friend (unitentionally) in the taxi as I attempted to get in. I also remember groping The Bloke Indoors (quite intentionally) as soon as said friend was dropped off outside her home. I also remember that he didn't try stop me in the slightest and that when I looked in the bathroom mirror later I had extremely smudged lipstick (Like I said celebrating...means drinking when I don't and wearing makeup that doesn't even belong to me).

I woke up this morning uncomfortable, sore and achy.

I woke up this morning still wearing my shoes, lying with my head hanging over the end of the bed.

I keep saying this morning. It was 2pm.

The Bloke Indoors had been out for a run, prepared food and was writing a letter to his bank about something.

I felt fucked. Completely 'I'm not moving for a month' fucked.

But I did move. Now I'm attempting to write this, but I don't think I'm really saying much.

I'm tired.

My feet and ankles hurt.

I'm also horny as hell.

I think I'm going to bed soon.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today I discovered the newest ‘rude thing to do on the tube (that doesn’t involve nakedness)’. But this one I actually agree with.

There was a woman painting her nails opposite me. That stinking nail polish on a tube, with heating on and all the ventilation thingies closed – cue migraine for me and the mother of all dirtiest looks for her.

I hope it all chips off as soon as she runs out of her favourite colour.
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

One last thing... 

What is with all the weird characters replacing the apostrophes in my posts? What happened and how the foof do I fix it?
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Would someone please mind explaining to me why I had to change to this 'new blogger' 15 minutes ago?

While the other one did cock up to my bastard eyebrows a couple of times I was just getting used to it! I didn't want to change!

But erm...does someone also want to tell me what is really different?

OK, semi-rant over with.

I'll go finish the last of that chocolate now. And brew a cup of orange mocha I think (It's much better than it sounds!)
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I have had the most serious lazy day today. And I loved every lazy moment of it!

Woke up this morning at about 10am and was about to jump straight out of bed into the shower when I realised I had absolutely sweet FA to do. So why was I getting up and getting ready? Sod it I thought, I’m going to veg out and be a grungy little cow today. So it was back to bed for another couple of hours before groggily coming to and slithering downstairs for a much needed coffee.

I really have been a mucky cow today – I didn’t wash my hair and instead of spending a fair bit of time making myself look presentable with suitable clothing I flung on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt - sans bra. Then I lounged around in bed, iPod on (I really need to sort myself out some speakers for this thing at least!) with an unopened book and prepared to consume the whole thing, while also consuming the mother of all chocolate bars (the shops are prepared for Easter already kids – go grab the big bars!).

It takes a lot of effort to look decent every day ya’ know. I don’t mean make up, because I don’t wear any now. What I mean is the picking out of clothes, making sure they match, making sure they’re suitable for the day, the underwear which has to look good, feel good and (again) match, this time matching to both the other item of underwear and the clothes going on top. Finally there’s the perfume and jewellery to pick.

Don’t even get me started on picking the right shoes.

It’s all big effort and it’s all a big effort that I just couldn’t be arsed with this morning.

I think I’m going to get an early night as well, clean sheets and bare skin make for a happy me when I get up at half five tomorrow morning (or is that still tonight? Sometimes I really wonder). I have to be out by 7:30 and I don’t feel like drinking my coffee as I toddle along in my (low)heels tomorrow for the first time since I bust my ankle. So up earlier that the birds it is for me tomorrow.

Told you takes a lot of bloody effort. Two hours! Why couldn’t I have been born a man?

Oh and the book was great; The Time Traveller’s Wife by Aubrey Niffenegger. I cried my eyes out at the end.

Told you I was a girl.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am simply the mistress of pancake making! Oh yes. I can make not one, not two, but THREE pancakes at once!

In the same frying pan!

Of course not on purpose you understand...It only happens when the stupid flipping apparatus cuts through the pancake batter as I try to flip it and tears it into pieces! Then there's the other times when the pancake fails to flip (it's the pancakes' fault you understand - not mine) and instead folds in on itself to create a thick, battery lump.

I tried didn't I?

And I bought chocolate sauce especially to drip all over them!

Guess I'll have to find a nice - sticky - use for that another day.

I know there is something I want to tell you all about, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was! I'll remember soon I hope!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I've been hard at work this afternoon.

I pasted a whole new template into blogger.

What do you think?

I kind of miss my blue eye but it brightens the place up a little dontchya agree?
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Monday, February 19, 2007


…I have performed sexual acts and/or had sex
· A bed
· A bedroom floor
· A shower
· A dressing table
· A number of trains
· A cinema
· A bus
· A bath
· A desk
· An uncomfortable chair
· A comfortable chair
· A park
· A lift (that’s elevator any dear Americans out there)
· In front of an open window
· In front of a camera

…I want to perform a sexual act and/or have sex
· A kitchen table
· A pool table
· Against a tree
· In a restaurant (preferably me under the table giving oral)
· An alleyway
· On a sex-swing
· In a car
· ON a car
· A changing room

I’m sure there are many more that I will think of as soon as I post this (not telling you which list they will belong to though!), but these are the immediate ones that spring to mind.

This post was inspired by Midnight's V-day poll.

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