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Sunday, February 25, 2007

One last thing... 

What is with all the weird characters replacing the apostrophes in my posts? What happened and how the foof do I fix it?
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Would someone please mind explaining to me why I had to change to this 'new blogger' 15 minutes ago?

While the other one did cock up to my bastard eyebrows a couple of times I was just getting used to it! I didn't want to change!

But erm...does someone also want to tell me what is really different?

OK, semi-rant over with.

I'll go finish the last of that chocolate now. And brew a cup of orange mocha I think (It's much better than it sounds!)
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I have had the most serious lazy day today. And I loved every lazy moment of it!

Woke up this morning at about 10am and was about to jump straight out of bed into the shower when I realised I had absolutely sweet FA to do. So why was I getting up and getting ready? Sod it I thought, I’m going to veg out and be a grungy little cow today. So it was back to bed for another couple of hours before groggily coming to and slithering downstairs for a much needed coffee.

I really have been a mucky cow today – I didn’t wash my hair and instead of spending a fair bit of time making myself look presentable with suitable clothing I flung on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt - sans bra. Then I lounged around in bed, iPod on (I really need to sort myself out some speakers for this thing at least!) with an unopened book and prepared to consume the whole thing, while also consuming the mother of all chocolate bars (the shops are prepared for Easter already kids – go grab the big bars!).

It takes a lot of effort to look decent every day ya’ know. I don’t mean make up, because I don’t wear any now. What I mean is the picking out of clothes, making sure they match, making sure they’re suitable for the day, the underwear which has to look good, feel good and (again) match, this time matching to both the other item of underwear and the clothes going on top. Finally there’s the perfume and jewellery to pick.

Don’t even get me started on picking the right shoes.

It’s all big effort and it’s all a big effort that I just couldn’t be arsed with this morning.

I think I’m going to get an early night as well, clean sheets and bare skin make for a happy me when I get up at half five tomorrow morning (or is that still tonight? Sometimes I really wonder). I have to be out by 7:30 and I don’t feel like drinking my coffee as I toddle along in my (low)heels tomorrow for the first time since I bust my ankle. So up earlier that the birds it is for me tomorrow.

Told you takes a lot of bloody effort. Two hours! Why couldn’t I have been born a man?

Oh and the book was great; The Time Traveller’s Wife by Aubrey Niffenegger. I cried my eyes out at the end.

Told you I was a girl.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I am simply the mistress of pancake making! Oh yes. I can make not one, not two, but THREE pancakes at once!

In the same frying pan!

Of course not on purpose you understand...It only happens when the stupid flipping apparatus cuts through the pancake batter as I try to flip it and tears it into pieces! Then there's the other times when the pancake fails to flip (it's the pancakes' fault you understand - not mine) and instead folds in on itself to create a thick, battery lump.

I tried didn't I?

And I bought chocolate sauce especially to drip all over them!

Guess I'll have to find a nice - sticky - use for that another day.

I know there is something I want to tell you all about, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was! I'll remember soon I hope!
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I've been hard at work this afternoon.

I pasted a whole new template into blogger.

What do you think?

I kind of miss my blue eye but it brightens the place up a little dontchya agree?
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Monday, February 19, 2007


…I have performed sexual acts and/or had sex
· A bed
· A bedroom floor
· A shower
· A dressing table
· A number of trains
· A cinema
· A bus
· A bath
· A desk
· An uncomfortable chair
· A comfortable chair
· A park
· A lift (that’s elevator any dear Americans out there)
· In front of an open window
· In front of a camera

…I want to perform a sexual act and/or have sex
· A kitchen table
· A pool table
· Against a tree
· In a restaurant (preferably me under the table giving oral)
· An alleyway
· On a sex-swing
· In a car
· ON a car
· A changing room

I’m sure there are many more that I will think of as soon as I post this (not telling you which list they will belong to though!), but these are the immediate ones that spring to mind.

This post was inspired by Midnight's V-day poll.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Its Thursday now right? 

Well I did say I would be back Thursday, I just neglected to tell you which one!

I’m sorry, I’m a bad blogger and I need punishing.

But could you wait a while? I have cuts, scratches and bruises that kind of need to heal at the moment.

None are self-inflicted.

The ankle is much better (thanks for asking…) and I should be back in my heels very soon, though I might keep them low for a while, guess I will have to enlist the help of all you tall men out there to help me reach things while I’m short.

You’ll be pleased to know that I can kneel comfortably now, that’s with and without leaning on my hands in front of me. I have been testing this extensively the past few days. I do much prefer kneeling on a chair though; I can have my feet over the edge then while achieving a still wonderful result.
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Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Ankle! 

Last night, for the first night in three weeks, I went out. Without the cast!
Went for my appointment the other day, got the dose of radiation they promised me and out came the electric pizza slicer to free my poor little ankle. Problem? They then give me one of those tube support bandage things (white of course) and told me to wear it and still keep the weight off. Bugger it and shove it in a toaster.

In true girly fashion, the first thing Katy and I did was run (well, limp) down to the shops for a pack of fabric dye – black – and soaked the ugly little fucker until it looked remotely wearable. Now I have a strange, black legwarmer lookalike to wear. And of course, still no heels.

The solution? We decided to go out and see if I could still pull without dancing or walking. And of course, being half a foot shorter than normal. A purely social experiment of course - to see the effect of the bandage and lack of height and saunter.

Now I wasn’t going out with just one stocking/legwarmer/bandage thing on one leg so we devised a show-stopping outfit: The bandage was covered by black leggings, I wore a very short baby pink silk dress with a corseted top to it. The shoes? Why ballet dancer shoes my dears. I sewed extra pink ribbon to the existing and laced them all the way up my thighs. I looked almost naked from the waist upwards due to my pale skin and the contrast on my legs was unbelievable. Who needs to be able to walk in heels or dance?

So there I was, sitting on a stool at the bar, one ballet dancer slipper crossed over the other, sipping my drink while Katy, Anna, Rachel and Jess danced themselves to oblivion only six foot away from me. We’d been there about and hour and Anna and Katy seemed to be a little more interested in one another than anyone else, while Jess’ backside was grinding quite happily with a guy that that certainly looked pleased with himself to have his hands on her hips. While I was keeping an eye on two blokes that seemed to be arguing over which one was going to step over to Rachel, who was presently dancing with herself (I don’t know what I was going to do but I was watching) a tall, twenty-something guy with long dark hair and equally dark eyes stood beside me and smile a hello.

He moved a bit closer So why are you watching the dancing and not dancing yourself? A little ballet dancer like you?

Oh, you know, I said A ballet dancer has to look after her toes and save herself for her best performances

Really? We giggled. Then I guess He leaned into my ear, its best to keep you off your feet all night he winked Let me buy you a drink and then we can discuss the finer points of keeping a ballet dancer in the best possible shape.

With that Katy appeared from nowhere and told Tall Guy and me that it was time for us to go. Don’t forget, I’m taken; the purpose of tonight was just to see if it was possible to draw a guy in without my usual fashion.

Oh and since Tall Guy did insist on my taking his number and him escorting the five of us to our taxi, I think we can say our experiment was successful.

I’m officially away from tomorrow afternoon until Thursday.
Just to let you know.
Need to clean my brain.
And dirty the rest of me up a little.See you soon.
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