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Friday, August 25, 2006

Fancy a coffee? 

My friends and I often grace Starbucks with our presence (HA!) and ramble on about life over a couple of caramel macchiatos, some days we go mad and have white chocolate mochas, but generally we chit chat and laugh and go goggle eyes at mummies with babies.

I’ve been thinking about the conversations we have in there and about the fact that there is very little chance of me having them with anyone else from my college. If I did I’d probably get some disgusted looks and get myself some kind of nasty label.

The thing is, my friends and I are aged 17 or 18 and we all enjoy sex and or masturbating regularly and for some, perhaps strange reason we do like to talk about it. There are many in my college who do not want to have sex yet and that’s fine; no one should ever have sex before they feel they are ready or feel pressured into doing so. My problem is that they plant labels on those that have had sex. I’ve had sex with two men at the ripe old age of 18 and in their eyes that would make me a slut. Never mind the fact that I might enjoy playing with myself beneath the covers when there isn’t someone else to play with and perish the thought that anyone on this earth owns or even knows where to buy a sex toy. This idea would bring gasps from the gallery and hands drawn sharply up to mouths “you do what????

We sit in Starbucks, we drink our coffee and we talk to each other about our favourite sex toys for at home or with a friend, who is shagging who, who wants to shag who and who is considering dumping whom. To be honest the only difference from a ‘normal’ girly chat with girls at my college is that during our coffee convos we aren’t just talking about a bit of fumbling and sloppy kisses – we’re talking sex and sex toys. Oh and lets not forget that one of my friends is a lesbian (though a virgin) and another is a bisexual.

That would blow the other girls’ minds.

Let me just point out that this isn’t the only thing we talking about…maybe 20% of the time is devoted to something else ;)

I had a point when I began this post but I lost it along the way. I don’t want to be labelled as some kinky slut by silly narrow-minded girls (or boys for that matter) who don’t even understand the label because I have sex or use my favourite nymph at home. Why shouldn’t my friends and I be able to talk normally about things instead of having to practically hide in coffee shops?

I just don’t understand why sex is still a dirty word.

I sound like a granny right?

I've been waiting all day to post that, right now I'm off be back Monday maybe with something nice to talk about. Take care do things I wouldn't do 'cos by next week maybe I'll do them too.
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