Kitten Heels

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tickets please 

Jumped on a packed bus earlier with the Bloke Indoors and since people were coming down from upstairs looking for seats we grabbed the little folding one in the pushchair area. Apparently no one in London has ever seen a girl sitting on her boyfriend’s lap before because half of them locked their eyes on me as soon as my bum cheeks made contact with the Bloke’s legs. You should have seen the looks of utter astonishment and sheer disgust when I actually put my arms around his neck and we had a quick snog! Seriously though, did we get on a ‘no touching allowed’ bus or was some weird no public displays of affection law passed today without anyone notifying me?

The Bloke Indoors refuses to be put off by onlookers, in fact I get the feeling most of the time that he gets off on them, so as I wiggled my bum into a comfortable position for the 40sum minute journey he nestled his mouth into that space on my neck. Everyone knows the space, it’s the one that when its kissed and caressed you turn to putty. And I most certainly did.

It took all my self-control to stay properly seated and not start mildly moaning in front of all the already not-so-happy travellers. I did mumble a rather pitiful “stop” in his ear at some point, but that only seemed to make him nibble on my neck a little more, move up towards my ear and whisper “If I wanted to I’d slide my hand down the front of your jeans right and let my fingers slip inside your wet pussy and let all these people watch you come in front of them.”

To which I did squirm and giggle but funnily enough not pull away, I didn’t think even my Bloke is quite that daring, though I was a little worried when his hand started to venture a little more towards my bellybutton than my hip where it had been resting. We stayed as we were, me getting wetter and wetter, him whispering things in my ears for the rest of the journey. When the stop finally arrived and we got to his I promptly removed his horribly confining jeans to reveal his raging hard on and took him in my mouth hungrily to give him the blowjob I’d been thinking about since we got on the bus and he did indeed use those fingers.
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