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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Why oh why is there a character limit for text messages? It drives me completely scatty it really does. Especially when I’m in the middle of a rather juicy piece of text sex and run out of space to complete my thoughts.

I know sometimes the best way to write this kind of text is to say I want to suck a cock and if you want it to be yours get home now but sometimes that just isn’t an option and I’m going to put as much into that text as possible. When I let my imagination go and I’m writing a full on cock throbbing, pussy dripping piece of erotica I don’t want to have to spread it out over two or three pages. It just isn’t the same. It’s the same when you receive a message too, you don’t want to be getting into it, feel that throbbing sensation in your knickers as you scroll downwards only to have to wait five minutes for another message to come through to finish it (and you) off.

Case in point:
Tuesday. I’m sitting in a chemistry lesson that isn’t finishing anytime the next century when I feel a vibration (no not that kind of vibration – though has anyone tried the SMS activated vibrators?). Quick peek under the table reveals the Bloke Indoors is still in bed at 12:15 and isn’t in the mood for daytime television. He went on to describe everything that he was going to do to me later on, and, more to the point, everything he was going to make me do to him (love it). Unfortunately the very last line was something like with your legs above your head, the purple vibe gently pulsing in your pussy I’ll slowly slide my glistening cock into your arse, god you’ll be so tight like that, slowly at first, pushing down on the pur…

And it stopped.

Just like that. Perhaps it was a good thing because I know that (considering what was in the rest of the message) I was definitely no longer concentrating on polyamides and carboxylic acids and was much more concerned with the other more important substance that was being formed in my la senza underwear – which as it happens are 97% polyamide (nylon – yuk, but what ya gonna do when you haven’t done any washing for 3 weeks?).

Not only did I have to wait another five minutes to get the completed version of my Tuesday afternoon Bloke Indoorsesque sexual narrative, but I had to send three separate texts of my own back in order to reply and send him back something to keep him occupied til I got home. I know I could have sent him and email, and if I’d gone for a walk I could have even found a nice little quiet spot for a phone call but that’s just not the point. Get rid of the frigging character limit!
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