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Saturday, September 30, 2006

In the News 

I’ve been reading a lot of news recently. Four papers a day in fact. I can’t help it, there’s the three free papers that get thrown at me while I’m travelling during the day and the one waiting for me when I get in. I’ve come to the conclusion that my the guy who collects my recycling either thinks “wow she reads a lot of news” or “for fucks sake how much more do I have to carry down the bastard street”. I think I’m becoming a news junkie.

Good thing or bad thing?

Something I’ve seen a lot of is this size zero debate. Now I’m nowhere near a size zero and you know what? I don’t want to be! I know that some women have naturally smaller frames than others and so are slimmer but a size zero just isn’t natural and to be that small will take serious dieting that just doesn’t seem right to me.

By all means be as slim as you want but don’t make yourself ill over it. Now I know I say I don’t want to be a size zero, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely happy with my body shape (I don’t know many women that are). You know how you get over it? You flaunt what you have. You walk like those size zero models do but you swing the hips they haven’t got, you plump up the boobs they wish they had and when you bend down you stick out that booty of yours and give it a wiggle - cos you know what? They just can’t do it!

I walk with much more confidence than I actually feel. I smile at every man that looks at me (most of they smile back). I sling my bag over my shoulder and walk like I own the world – no one will ever know that I don’t like anything about me and as long as they don’t know that - I’ll look great to them.

You do NOT need to be stick thin to look good.

Now I’m going to go and dig into a double chocolate chip muffin, you won’t tell anyone right?
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