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Sunday, September 17, 2006

These Boots Were (NOT) Made For Walking 

Have some sympathy for poor old Kit this weekend why don’t you folks. I can’t put on a pair of nice shoes and am instead left with a pair of scuffed up pair of converse to limp (and I do mean limp) about in for the next few days.

Why is it not possible for shoe makers to design a pair of nice dogtooth, 4 inch kitten heeled, boots that I can walk about in for 8 hours that wont leave me limping for 4 days afterwards, needing to soak my feet like an 80year old covered in plasters?

It’s not just the feet either, my ankles hurt and I where heels all the time. I don’t get aching ankles – I feel like a pregnant 80year old now, what’s going on??? I even twisted my ankle on a cracked piece of pavement at one point by my train station, completely lost balance and sent my bag flying. So much for a London Girl trying not to Trip Up hey? I don’t know about road resurfacing, how about a few new bits of pavement for poor *cough* souls like me and the rest of the heel wearing community?

Grumble. Grumble.

I could have (and have) cried. They were my favourite boots, now I don’t know if I can face them again. I’m a walker by nature, I use the tube or bus only when really necessary or with friends. I need shoes I can walk all day long in and not bleed into.

Not to worry – I’m a fast heeler and with a bit of extra special boots (the shop) foot care I’ll have prim and proper feet ready to be shown off to the world again.

Sorry for such a truly girly and quite yucky post, but a girl that can’t walk is a girl that has to moan.
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