Kitten Heels

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back up against the wall 

It was so hot being that close to him. My chin just resting above his shoulder, his lips brushing across my ear as he moved his head. I felt his hot, steamy breath whisper into my ear, any words were unrecognisable over the other noises of the moment. We both shifted at the same moment and ended up pressed even closer together, his thigh between my legs now, my back against the wall.

Is anyone watching us? I wonder suddenly.

Of course they’re not, they’re getting on with their own business, couples, friends and strangers alike. All breathing deep and steamy breaths, pushing themselves closer to one another in simultaneous movements.

My partner was getting restless, pushing me up against the wall wasn’t enough anymore, he wanted to move, to move me with him - he had to we were so delicately entwined now.

Turning together, without even parting, we end up facing the same way, my backside quite expertly placed in front of his groin.

The time is getting closer; soon we will do something even more surprising than turn around. Not just us though, many are getting restless.

The train stops at the very last stop, the doors slide open and we all slide off, finally splitting from our partners, probably never to see them again.

Oh the joy of rush hour.
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