Kitten Heels

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bad day 

Things that went wrong today:

1. I lost the butterfly clip for the back of my earring when I had exactly 3 minutes to leave in order to get to the station on time.

2. I didn’t get to the station on time.

3. The train I got (later than normal) broke down.
i. Mid way between stations.
ii. Decided to go backwards
iii. Made me drop my breakfast when it broke down (again) whilst going backwards

4. It decided to piss down with rain – the kind that bounces a foot off the floor even though the weatherman predicted ‘showers’. My light jacket was soon soaked to my freezing skin.

5. I also slipped and twisted my ankle rather publicly (as a consequence of the rain)

6. The battery on my iPod completely died, no Fratellis for me today.

7. I saw something I didn’t want to see in a public toilet.

8. I didn’t make it into the student lock in at Office… 20% off and a goody bag for first 50 students with valid NUS and I didn’t get in!!

Bugger it all and shove it in a toaster.

And don’t anyone dare say things can only get better.

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