Kitten Heels

Friday, October 27, 2006


The verdict is in. Cinnamon coffee is divine. Three huge mugs of it one after another will leave you with a nice little bit of coffee induced silliness. I recommend cream on top for those who do not care about their figure, or those who plan to work it off later (Preferably by licking the rest of what’s left in the can off of their other half’s body. I know, I know. It’s been done plenty of times. It’s been said more times than it’s been done. But you have to admit…it feels bloody good.)

The other verdict coming in is that I think I’m succumbing to this ‘orrible cold that everyone seems to be getting at the moment. I’m not happy about it. The Bloke Indoors is away for the rest of the week so I suppose that gives me time to dose up on oranges and other fruity goodness to try and get rid of it but it’s just not the point. I’m stuck indoors for the rest of the weekend with a box of tissues and fruit (oh and my coffee). I would really like to go one year - just one sodding year - without getting a cold. But I suppose I only have myself to blame, I do seem to only go out on days when it’s about to pour with rain.

And I’m not wearing a suitable jacket.

And I haven’t got an umbrella.

Seriously did anyone else get caught in it on Wednesday? It wasn’t fun. I end up with a very soggy newspaper.

I blame the weatherman.
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