Kitten Heels

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Left in the dark 

Anna wants us all to go to a club she's heard of but there is a problem - she doesn't know the name of it. Judging by here description it's going to have an obvious one, but nope we haven't the foggiest

Apparently, the whole place is pitch black with no lights and you spend the whole night dancing up close and personal with people you can't see. Anyone ever heard of it? Anna seems very enthused about it but I can’t decide whether or not it sounds incredibly sexy or a little too much like speed dating gone clubbing.

Maybe by the time we find out what it is and where to find it everything will become clear (or dark?) and maybe, just maybe, this bastard cold will have cleared up as well.

If only I had been born a man, I could have a week off college and say I had come down with 'man-flu'.
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