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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Boys that are friends 

I have male friends. Of course I do. I don’t know many people that don’t. Some people argue that it isn’t possible to have friends that are of the opposite sex because lines inevitably get crossed and I’ve always told them it’s a load of rubbish.

That’s what I’ve always said.

One of my bestest male buds is Harry. Now we don’t spend that much time together, its true, but when we do it’s a laugh a second (nope not even a minute – a second!) and I spend the rest of the week laughing to myself over something he’s said. But something Harry said to me the other day didn’t make me laugh at all. In fact, if I’d been drunk it would have sobered me up quicker than a quadruple espresso and some magic ‘sober-up’ pill.

We were in Starbucks (as we do), sitting in the comfy chairs and I was taking the piss out of the fact that Harry’s right side was soaked due to an incident with a not-so-funny lorry driver. I was leant forward, hand on his knee for support as I laughed my guts onto the table and tried to pick up my coffee when he mumbled something under his breath You’re so sexy when you laugh.


“I said you’re so sexy when you laugh, Kit. I just, well, this isn’t coming out right. Kit I like you OK? You’re just so…you and well…I like you”

“Harry what are you talking about?” Not the brightest response in the world but this is Harry…what the fuck is going on?

“Babes stick your nose in your coffee and have a sniff” (trust Harry) “I can’t say it any clearer without getting one of them aeroplane thingies, and I know you and The Bloke are well serious but….

And that’s where I kind of stopped listening and just looked a bit dazed. What was I supposed to say? This is un-chartered territory for me. My friends that have been friends for so long and know how much I love The Bloke shouldn’t put me in this position, but then again if he does really like me I can understand why he needed to tell me (that sounds so up myself doesn’t it?)

We played the pleasantries for the rest of the coffee but I pretty much scampered, he text me later saying he completely understood why and that it was OK – I felt guilty. But what do I do now? How can I be friends with him knowing that he likes me like that? Or does it make a difference?
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