Kitten Heels

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Change of plan 

I was going to post the rest of my Last night post today; simply because for the first time since I actually have some time to do it. But I don't feel today is really appropriate.

You will find a couple of blogs today are mentioning the fact that it's time to remember those that fought for us during the two wars that consumed the world for a almost a decade not so very long ago. My grandparents fought in WWII and not all of them made it; neither did all of their friends or family. Neither did sixty-two and a half million other people.

Today and tomorrow are not about writing about sex, bragging about new shoes or typing my fingers to a new beat in my head and telling you all about it. This weekend is a time for remembering those who gave up everything to let us live.

Not only am I going to remember, I hope I never forget.
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