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Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Bloke’s got the cold. I suppose he was doomed to get it being stuck around me, but there you go. Spent most of the day playing nurse (minus the outfit I’m afraid – he really is ill) but now the poor bugger says he’s had enough of being fussed over so I’m at home. The girls are out already and frankly I can’t be arsed to traipse halfway across London in the freezing cold, on my own, to meet them tonight.

Lets reminisce….

I hate hot, hot, sticky London weather. It’s the most disgusting humid haze that falls upon the city for all of 5 days every year but leaves me feeling utterly yucky whenever I step off of a train after being plastered to twenty other similarly sweltering bodies. That’s why for those 5 days, when I’m seeing The Bloke Indoors, I bypass him completely as soon as he opens the door – the shower is mine.

I said in my ‘all about me’ post that there are some very simple things that I haven’t done and, up until last summer, one of those things included that same shower that I so religiously ran to in the afternoons.

My clothes lay in a less-than-neat pile on the floor beside the shower, the door was closed and I was busy savouring the feel of clean, water running all over my body. I stood there facing the wall, my head back, the water hitting my head in the typical Hollywood movie style when I heard the gentle thud of more clothes joining my own.

A cold hand slid across my wet bum and squeezed the fleshy part, as The Bloke got into the shower behind me, his nails dug ever so slightly into the sides of my arse as he kissed the back of my neck and I pushed myself back into his body. I turned my head to meet his, his hand reaching up to my breast as we kissed with the water pouring over our heads.

I turned to face him completely and he leant me back onto the wall of the shower, my arms draped his neck as he braced himself against the wall – our lips didn’t part. I look down to see his cock waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I don’t have to decide – The Bloke pushes me down my the shoulders til I’m on my knees in front of him, his hand gripping my soaking wet hair. I grip his legs with my hands and nibble on the skin between his balls, then lick all the way up his shaft, one long lick with my tongue from the base to the tip and big, delicious circle round his glans, savouring his taste before taking it in my mouth. I rub my tongue against the head of his glistening cock as I suck on it, releasing it from my mouth before sucking further, hearing his groan because he wanted more, feeling him pull on my hair because I will hive him more. I take him in my mouth again, this time sucking all the way down, twisting my head as I go down and massaging my tongue against him. He tightens his grip on my hair and begins to move my head for me; not too fast, he isn’t coming like this.

He pulls himself out of my mouth and I look up at him with puppy dog eyes for taking away my treat but he just smirks at me and pulls me up. Once again I’m up against the cold, tiled wall, this time though The Bloke is on his knees in front of me. I can’t help but let out a dirty laugh when I realise what is going to happen, I love it when he uses his tongue on me. As he pushes my legs apart a bit I have to brace myself against the wall, I feel that familiar tingle through my body as his tongue touches my clit, seriously men cannot understand how good that feels. As he continues to lick and nibble me I feel myself sliding down the wall, I just can’t stay up with all these feelings, when I come The Bloke lifts me up once more, this time with even more determination – this is certainly his playtime.

He lifts my right leg over and around his hip, as he slides himself into me, not gently; I let out a moan that can only be described as animal, his fingers twist my nipple and I shriek with a mixture of pleasure and pain. I’m pinned against the wall as he fucks me harder now, I bit down on his neck to stop myself screaming, I can feel myself beginning to come as he speeds up; his orgasm building closer and closer.

I mentally ticked having sex in the shower off of my list as he left me alone in the shower to get myself tidied up and join him in the bedroom afterwards.
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