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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Christmas. A time for loving, sharing and, unfortunately, no nookie. The Bloke Indoors and I both have demanding families; demanding in that they demand our presence on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. So instead of being together when loved ones are supposed to be, we get stuck with parents, grandparents, auntie/uncle types and siblings. So NOT the Christmas we want.

The answer we usually come up with (and did again this year) is to give our presents a few days earlier, grab some mistletoe, have some kisses and cuddles and basically do the Christmas thing together before everyone else (ahead of the fashion – that’s us). It is quite a nice thing to do; romantic, private and no need to worry about opening something you shouldn’t in front of Grandma!

Saying that, I was under strict orders from Katy that the gifts she bought were to be opened either with The Bloke or out of sight of anyone disapproving i.e. my entire family. It was decided that I would open them alone because the early Christmas was just about us. So at about half 1 on Christmas day after all the presents were opened downstairs I snuck upstairs with the preface of trying on the clothes I had been bought. There were three gifts from Katy in a range of sizes – none (you dirty minded people) were shaped remotely rabbit-like. So, reindeer antlers on head, I sat cross-legged on my bed and ripped savagely at the glittering paper that enclosed some secret (forbidden) prizes.

Well, I’ll give you credit, you might not have been too far off with the rabbit guess, after all the instructions did include opening with The Bloke didn’t they? The first (and smallest. Because smallest = best or because I’m building up? Who knows) was some delicious chocolate body dust that we had been sighing over in Ann Summers just a couple of weeks ago. You have to smell it to understand just how good it is, plus the dusting thing is divine. The biggest (what about the medium? I’m all out of sync), was a pack of ravish candles, massage creams and oils. The creams smell unbelievable – chocolate, strawberry and caramel. By now I’m pretty sure my good ol’ mate is on an Ann Summers mission, so I’m fully expecting something else from the range, but I was never so happy with a gift from my friend as I was when I opened the last one:

Two, big, black feather fans.

I love them. I wanted them. I convinced myself I needed them. Now I have them!

Katy you really are a star.

Oh and another thing you horrible, horrible lot out there…I make you a lovely card and not one of you wishes me a Merry Christmas…. I’ll remember that!
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