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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sing to me 

“I can hear her heels clicking on the sidewalk – beating to the rhythm of my heart. Ohoh You, You’re the only one I want. Mhhmm.”

Every evening, on my way home, I have to walk past one bus stop to get to mine after I finish my train journey. If there aren’t any delays then the same guy will be waiting at that first stop as I walk past every single day. This particular day, as I tottered my way past him he began singing this little tune.

(For the uneducated, it’s Overload, sung by Zappacosta [I think])

I couldn’t help but give him a sideways glance and the slyest of smiles as I past him and heard the words, not only was he singing about me, he was singing about my shoes…AND the song was from Dirty Dancing! Seriously, I was a happy Kit.

I was…until I sung the rest of the song to myself and let my paranoia get the better of me….

“I follow you home every night, just to make sure that you get there alright. Baby its true. Can’t think of anything but you.”

For crying out loud. He was getting a different bus to me! He did every night, he wasn’t following me - he was singing a song! But that didn’t stop me clenching my fists ever so slightly as I walked along and alerting my *ahem* kitten/spider senses to every dark figure behind be in the usually unthreatening dark streets.

Why did the stupid song have to have stalker lyrics? I was very happy being sung to. I didn’t need it spoiled!
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