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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Strange little bug 

Something a little strange that I just can’t quite figure out myself. It’s been bugging me and I figured that this is the perfect place to get rid of it.

No it isn’t an equation I can't balance.

Something The Bloke Indoors and I have discussed and decided against is a threesome. We think that it has to be something you are both completely 100% sure about other wise it could cause problems. Well we decided that both of us have reservations about it and don’t want to include anyone else in our beds at the moment, and probably not ever.

And yet, lately, I can’t stop myself thinking about it while I’m playing with myself and (it has to be said) the thought of it makes me come hard and fast. But, there again, when I think about what I’ve thought about while my hand is between my legs I’m not very happy with it – I just don’t like the idea.

The scene I tend to have in my mind is of me, kneeling on the bed – blindfolded – The Bloke Indoors behind me, teasing my cunt with the end of his cock; gently pushing himself an inch inside me and then pulling out, holding my hips hard so I can’t push back on him as I’m longing to do. The he leans over my back, his hands crawling up my body to my breasts; fingers twisting my nipples, I think I hear the door but I’m not sure because The Bloke is whispering in my ear:

“I want you to do something, you haven’t done it before, but I want you to do it. I want to see you suck someone else’s cock while I fuck you. I want to watch you take someone else’s cock in your mouth and devour it like you do mine while I doggy fuck you hard. There is someone else here, when you feel his cock on your lips: suck it.”

And so as The Bloke Indoors finally allows me to feel his length inside me I feel soft flesh touching my lips, I open my mouth and as The Bloke thrusts my mouth slides down the mystery man’s cock.

I imagine feeling The Bloke’s fingers digging into my hips as this other man grabs my hair, pulling me even further onto him as I suck and moaning with pleasure. The Bloke is speaking, telling me what I look like and calling me dirty names…

This is usually where it ends, although I have had some more elaborate thoughts. I just don’t know why something I wouldn’t go for in the flesh appeals for me so much when I’m on my own?

Saying that…maybe my girl on girl test was flawed?
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