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Friday, December 29, 2006

The things you notice... 

Can you spot someone with a fetish if they don’t openly show it? I think I may have today.

Picked up some bargains in the sales today – beware of the shoppers, they are deadly! Anyway, on the bus on the way home I was sitting opposite your stereotypical ‘man with a sexy* little secret’ and I really think he might just have one.

Now stereotypes are rubbish because they’re never right, but it was one of those things; the more I thought about it, the more this guy fit that stereotype. He was a middle-aged, slightly balding businessman, combined with the gold-rimmed glasses and the unkept moustache; he just fit the bill.

Now the fetish part? Well, while sitting through the wickedly long journey (no, not wicked in a good way) the guy decided to catch up on some work: out comes a large ring binder – covered in rubber bands holding various pieces of paper to the front and inside covers, plus two holding the whole thing together. Nothing really strange I suppose, until he took off the two bands holding the folder in place. Nope, nothing on the inside that surprised me, it was what he did; he wound the bands around his fingers and began to caress them with his thumb. A little while later, he wound them round again to tighten them and carried on with his stroking – rubber anyone?

Maybe I was letting my mind wander, I was definitely paying too much attention to him instead of my book (The Shining – not enjoying it), but the thought of this man, having his little helping of fetish (if he actually was) on the bus amused me quite a bit.

*Instead of dirty, because that’s just not right.
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