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Thursday, January 11, 2007


The Brother’s Girlfriend got Dita Von Teese’s book for Christmas, the lucky cow, and being the lovely girl she is, she dropped it round the other day for me to learn front to middle and back to middle.

I started back to middle – the fetish side vs. the burlesque side but I’m working my way around to the front!

Now something interested me while I was reading. The whole ‘damsel in distress’ thing. Dita says that this is her favourite role to play (I’m not quoting, I’m remembering, sorry if I get this a little tits up) and that it has a lot to do with girls’ upbringing and the material they are exposed to; the whole fairytale of being rescued by your prince charming, or being locked away and chained up by an evil sorcerer – that kind of thing.

One of my favourite fairytales when I was a little girl was Rapunzel and, of course, when Rapunzel was rescued from her tower the Prince climbed up her hair, pulling and yanking it all over the place. No surprise here then, that if The Bloke Indoors wraps my hair around his fingers and pulls it to within a second of being torn from my scalp that I’m in pure bliss?

I guess it’s all about primary/secondary socialisation, but fuck me blindfolded (no really - do) I really, really do love to have my hair pulled.

Oh and why Snap! Is here twice, I haven’t a clue, it isn’t under my posts as being published twice, it’s just there for your reading pleasure I guess.
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