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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Meat and..ermm...three veg! 

Nothing, nothing, beats a proper roast dinner. I’m speaking from experience of about an two hours ago and mmm that was a good’un. Roast lamb, herby new potatoes, swede and runner beans. Oh and don’t forget the gravy, I think I might have gone up a dress size during the meal but it was worth it!

The meal was a bit of a celebration as well as being your traditional Sunday roast, you see this week I finally finished my January exams. I know some people out there have more to go but I’m finished! Done! Over with! Yahoo! Because, contrary to popular belief, a foot in plaster and arms using crutches does not mean I get out of going to college or get out of exams. Nope, not for a second.

So in the week of the worst winds of my lifetime (I know they were worse in 1987 but I was simply a sparkle in an eye then) I had to hobble down the road on crutches to college in the pouring rain, unable, un-friggin-able, to hold up an umbrella! Even if I were only using one crutch it would have been hard going because I just wouldn’t have had the balance to keep the umbrella and myself up in one piece. You can imagine the picture can’t you? Sitting in the exam hall, plastered foot sticking out in the aisle, rain dripping off the crutches leant up against my chair and on top of it all my sopping wet hair dripping all over the paper, smudging the ink. Fantastic.

Oh and, while I’m on the subject can I ask, why is it that now I actually need a seat on the bus/tube I’m standing up even more? OK I know holding onto the pole and twirling is good for my physique but what happened to all the seats?!

One more thing, to all of you who have an exam or something equally stressful coming up. Nothing got me off to sleep better last week than a seriously good orgasm. Honestly, it kicks warm milk right out the window! (Literally if you put the glass in the wrong place!)
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