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Monday, January 08, 2007


Surprise! It’s me!

I’m sorry I disappeared again, but I did warn you right at the beginning I was rubbish at this diary malarkey didn’t I? Well I wasn’t away on purpose, and I wasn’t away for fun either.

You know those little side turnings you get off main roads? The ones with no crossings? The ones with no traffic lights? The ones that millions of people cross all at once? The ones that Cabbies always turn down without indicators? The ones with really uneven paving?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

I broke me bastard ankle didn’t I? (Well that might be an exaggeration, I have a small fracture, but it still hurts like hell!!)

Yep, step back quickly, slip on paving, twist + crack = hour or so at the hospital and a plaster cast for my troubles. But its one of those horrible white ones; I wanted a pink one, you know, like you used to get when you were little? Well I had a pink one when I was little!

Oh well, guess I can get people to write naughty messages all over my foot and show it off on the tube. The only real problem is that my toes are really cold!

The doctor said I should have it for three/four weeks then they would give it a dose of radiation and see what it looked like (told you it wasn’t as bad as I was making out - a real break is six at least!).

I know all this should mean I’m here more often but The Bloke has been doting on my like my own little nurse, and believe me, I’m going to let him use his thermometer on me as many times as he feels is necessary!

(Wow that was cheesy…but I love it!)
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