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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


A little while ago (actually a long while ago but never mind) I said I would like a set of nipple clamps. Well, they say be careful what you wish for…and now I think I want them even more!

The Bloke Indoors was lying on his back, stretched out naked across the bed, he was watching as I sucked on his cock, almost to the base, knelt above him on the bed. He told me after that he was looking at how red my lips were against his skin. I was paying a lot of attention to him at that moment, my hand was playing with his balls - teasing at the skin and rolling them in my fingers as I held him in my mouth, sucking with my eyes closed in concentration, my tongue stroking the underside of the head. My speed was building and I felt his balls tightened in my hand. He grabbed my hair, he ran his fingers through it and pulled it taught, using my hair to push my head down as he wanted. Now I was becoming his human wank toy. I was sucking the same and playing with his balls, but now he controlled the speed as he moved his hips to fuck my mouth at the same time. Then…

What the fuck???

I froze and looked him straight in the eyes, my mouth still around his cock, lips just under the swollen head. My eyes were wide; I had no idea what the problem was.

OK what the fuck is this?’ He had one of my hair slides in his hands, you might call them Kirby grips, I had used them to keep the hair out of my face during the day and now they were all around the bed as they fell out one by one.

Come here’ He said, he had that look in his eyes, and I crawled over to him straight away. ‘Sit up’ I knelt next to him*. He had two slides in his hands, that evil yet oh-so-wonderful glint sparkled in his eyes, he opened one of the slides and reached up to my right breast; the slide sprang closed around my nipple as he put in position. I did my best not to flinch but the surprise more than any pain made me jump. Then he did the left one, this hurt more, the slide wasn’t on my nipple as far as the other. I did my best not to squeak – he just smiled.

I like them’ he said ‘I wonder what this’ – he pulled down on the side of the slide – ‘would feel like?’ I jumped to the roof, my nipple twisted inside the metal and squeezed even smaller, it was just like when The Bloke pinches my nipples, only with a smaller area doing the twisting: It hurt.

But it was the kind of hurt that you think about later and find you’re getting wet in the middle of TOPSHOP (and it isn’t over new shoes!)

*This was just before I escaped the cabbie only to fall prey to a slippery pavement. Right now I cannot kneel properly – it’s a right prat.
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