Kitten Heels

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Its Thursday now right? 

Well I did say I would be back Thursday, I just neglected to tell you which one!

I’m sorry, I’m a bad blogger and I need punishing.

But could you wait a while? I have cuts, scratches and bruises that kind of need to heal at the moment.

None are self-inflicted.

The ankle is much better (thanks for asking…) and I should be back in my heels very soon, though I might keep them low for a while, guess I will have to enlist the help of all you tall men out there to help me reach things while I’m short.

You’ll be pleased to know that I can kneel comfortably now, that’s with and without leaning on my hands in front of me. I have been testing this extensively the past few days. I do much prefer kneeling on a chair though; I can have my feet over the edge then while achieving a still wonderful result.
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