Kitten Heels

Monday, February 19, 2007


…I have performed sexual acts and/or had sex
· A bed
· A bedroom floor
· A shower
· A dressing table
· A number of trains
· A cinema
· A bus
· A bath
· A desk
· An uncomfortable chair
· A comfortable chair
· A park
· A lift (that’s elevator any dear Americans out there)
· In front of an open window
· In front of a camera

…I want to perform a sexual act and/or have sex
· A kitchen table
· A pool table
· Against a tree
· In a restaurant (preferably me under the table giving oral)
· An alleyway
· On a sex-swing
· In a car
· ON a car
· A changing room

I’m sure there are many more that I will think of as soon as I post this (not telling you which list they will belong to though!), but these are the immediate ones that spring to mind.

This post was inspired by Midnight's V-day poll.

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