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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good morning *yawn* 

Such a tired Kit I am today.

Last night was spent drinking after receiving the January exam results...We all did well!! (feel free to congratulate won't you?)

I did get drunk - stuff not drinking with results like that! It was time to party!

We rounded off the night in my favourite place, my favourite place out with other people I mean. It is dark, it has lots of good music, it's in a very fashionable place if you're my age and it has the best, and I mean the best comfy seating I have ever experienced in a public place.

I think I drank too many purple aftershocks (mix blue and red = divine)

I don't really remember leaving that place. I should remember. It has a large staircase on the way out and I was wearing reasonably high heels. I should remember because I would have expected to fall flat on my face if I even attempted them.

I do remember groping my friend (unitentionally) in the taxi as I attempted to get in. I also remember groping The Bloke Indoors (quite intentionally) as soon as said friend was dropped off outside her home. I also remember that he didn't try stop me in the slightest and that when I looked in the bathroom mirror later I had extremely smudged lipstick (Like I said celebrating...means drinking when I don't and wearing makeup that doesn't even belong to me).

I woke up this morning uncomfortable, sore and achy.

I woke up this morning still wearing my shoes, lying with my head hanging over the end of the bed.

I keep saying this morning. It was 2pm.

The Bloke Indoors had been out for a run, prepared food and was writing a letter to his bank about something.

I felt fucked. Completely 'I'm not moving for a month' fucked.

But I did move. Now I'm attempting to write this, but I don't think I'm really saying much.

I'm tired.

My feet and ankles hurt.

I'm also horny as hell.

I think I'm going to bed soon.

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