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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I haven’t been sleeping well the past couple of nights.

No - you dirty minded people - it isn’t because I’ve been busy having rampant sex. Neither is it that I’ve been having lots of ‘me’ time.

I have a problem.

I have a crush.

I’m not supposed to have crushes! I’m with The Bloke Indoors and he’s brilliant. We're brilliant. Nothing has changed between us, I still love him to bits and I still want to tear his clothes off the moment we’re alone (OK so that isn’t limited to being on our own), I’m still giddy and grinning whenever we speak.

But I still have this crush. He is called David and he moved to my class a couple of months ago after clashes between his class and his training sessions (the boy is an athlete!). We became close pretty much straight away; laughing, joking and generally taking the piss while learning a lot about each other and doing that ‘it’s fun to flirt when there is no real reason to’ flirting.

Side note: I’ve been told that we’re both natural flirts and that we seem to flirt extra with one another. I've not noticed....

The past couple of weeks I’ve started to notice small things about him: The way he lets me go through doors first. The way we both help each other out with work without even considering going to someone else. The way he picks up anything I drop. The way he smiles as soon as he sees me (the way I smile as soon as I see him). His strong arms. His brilliant eyes. His height (It’s all about height for me). The way he was genuinely concerned when I was a little moody the other day. The jokes that pass between us that are never shared with anyone else.

The list could go on forever.

I think I found him attractive from the moment I set eyes on him. I’ve just realised I fancy him.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to have a crush (I’ve never had a crush while in a relationship before but that’s partly due to the fact that this is my first real long term and serious relationship).

I’m not sure I want a crush.

I don’t know what to do.
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