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Sunday, October 22, 2006


I’m assuming now that anyone who’s ever been to London will have at one point visited Covent Garden.

Now I have a love/hate relationship with this place. It’s fantastic. The little side streets branching off in all directions that The Bloke and I can get lost in, the great shops (both quirky and mainstream), the market, the opera singer, the restaurants and best of all the street entertainers!

They’re fantastic! For about £7 (if you want to cough up the cash of course!) you can watch an entire afternoon of shows, get your arse slapped by a jolly green monster man and get blessed by a fairy! If they’re out the day you go of course, it might be someone new other times, but there are always magicians, dancers, fire-eaters and those statue people standing all over the place…I love it!

Now why do I hate it? People that have been there think about it. Think carefully. Any ideas? Picture it in your mind…now look at the floor.

Covent Garden is hell for anyone not wearing trainers or completely flat shoes i.e. Me.

I toddle around it in my heels looking like a complete fool trying simultaneously not to slip on the cobbles, not to get my heel stuck in the gap between the cobbles, to pay attention to the change in texture of different floor surfaces and to simply not trip on uneven surfaces.

Add to this fact yesterday (Saturdays are always madhouses anyway), brainiac here decided to meet The Bloke Indoors wearing these, I had a little bit of difficulty.

Still I got a nice photo frame off of one of the stalls from the market.

Like I said at the start, it’s totally love/hate.
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